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Our Races raise money for a good cause. Currently, we have one active Race that needs your attention.

Race # 2 – Katerina Papoutsaki

In this Race, our goal is to raise a certain amount of money, which will be intended for the special needs of children in hospitals.

All We Need is You is an official partner with the Child’s Smile and that is why the money we will raise will be given to the Smile that can and has the means to manage it for this good purpose.

Previous Race – George Kopsidas

See an excerpt of the draw from the previous Race of George Kopsidas where we collected 152% of the monetary goal!


All We Need is You

What is a Race?

A Race is a crowdfunding competition used to fund various tasks such as masterclasses and charities. Races are open to the public and anyone can participate.

How to participate?

You find the race you want to participate and you participate with the amount of money you want. Your payment will translate into “participation points” and to be used for the lottery.

Where will your money go?

Every Race announces the way that will use the money. Your money will go to fund the goal of the Race and a part of it will be used for website maintenance, marketing and further Race development.

What is your motive?

Besides funding the goal of the Race, at the end of every Race a winner will be announced after the lottery. The lucky one wins some personal time with his or her favorite celebrity!

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